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If you know or suspect that you are the father of a child in Massachusetts, you have enforceable legal rights. To secure your parental rights, including visitation and custody, it’s important to file the necessary paperwork and, in some cases, litigate this sensitive issue in court. As the founder of Legasey & Associates, I know that paternity cases are often complicated and emotional, which is why it’s in your best interest to work with a skilled litigator to establish your rights. I have successfully established and enforced paternity rights in Massachusetts courts for more than 35 years.

Why is establishing paternity in Massachusetts necessary?

In addition to being legally recognized as the father of your child, there are other reasons to establish paternity:

  • Child support rights: Establishing paternity is important for your child, since it’s a prerequisite for financial benefits such as child support, health insurance, veterans’ benefits, and inheritance rights.
  • Getting the record straight: An official record of paternity is important for more than financial reasons. In Massachusetts, the law presumes that a child born to a married woman is fathered by her husband. If a mother does not establish through a court proceeding that her child was fathered by a man other than her husband, the true father will not be recorded on the child’s birth certificate.

How to establish paternity

In Massachusetts, there are two ways of confirming paternity. The first is through a voluntary acknowledgement process. The mother and father acknowledge the child’s paternity and sign a form to that effect when the birth certificate is completed. The form may also be filed later with a county clerk. Before signing, both the mother and father are notified of their rights to seek genetic testing. Therefore, you must be sure of the paternity of the child before you sign this form. These acknowledgments can be changed after the fact in a court proceeding. Only an attorney knowledgeable in Massachusetts paternity law can overcome the deference accorded to the original form.

The second way of establishing paternity is through a court process to enforce your natural rights, as explained above.

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