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Domestic Violence

Dedicated Salem Domestic Violence Lawyer Committed to Providing Immediate Help

Tireless advocate for domestic violence victims and those wrongly charged in Massachusetts

No one should suffer from domestic violence. While the criminal justice system offers help to its victims, it is not always easy to navigate that system without a strong legal advocate by your side. As the founder of Legasey & Associates, I draw upon more than three decades of experience representing victims of domestic violence and can act quickly and responsibly to protect you and your family from harm.

The relief you seek may include:

  • Safe shelter for yourself and your children
  • Separation and ultimately divorce
  • Immediate judicial protective orders against the person committing the domestic violence

While these remedies seem within reach, they are more easily obtained with the help of counsel sensitive to the sometimes conflicting emotions involved in domestic violence cases. With my help, you can take back your life and ensure the safety of your children.

Ensuring security for you and your children

Once you decide to take action against a spouse or relative who has stalked, harassed, physically attacked, verbally abused or threatened you, you need security immediately. As a family law attorney, I’ve successfully obtained orders of protection for victims of domestic violence in Salem for more than 35 years. I can help you preserve your right to live free of the violence that has already disrupted your home and work with you to find more permanent solutions for you and your children.

Help for those falsely accused

Just as victims of domestic violence deserve representation, so do those who have been wrongly accused of committing it. Allegations of domestic violence, whether true or not, are taken seriously. If you are falsely accused of assault against a family member – whether your wife, your children or another relative – you need a lawyer to fight those charges. A false accusation can affect your life, your freedom, your finances and your permanent record. It also constitutes an abuse of the criminal justice system.

The legal guidance you need to address domestic violence issues in Massachusetts

If you are threatened with domestic violence or false allegations of domestic violence, I invite you to contact me today at Legasey & Associates to schedule a confidential consultation, at a time convenient for you. I can help you obtain the immediate relief you need during this emotionally trying time. Call me at 978-745-6600 or email me at My office is conveniently located in Salem near the Peabody Essex Museum.

John Legasey is an AV rated attorney with more than 35 years of family law experience.