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Seasoned Litigator Adept at Appealing Family Law Judgments in Massachusetts Courts


For nearly every decision, it is possible to appeal


When a court issues its decision, it is not always final. At Legasey & Associates, I am committed to helping you achieve the results you desire in your case – even if that means an appeal. Appeals may succeed when courts are found to have committed procedural errors or failed to properly weigh evidence submitted by a party. Some lawyers do not preserve those issues for appeal, but I do. Named by my peers as a Boston Super Lawyer, with years of experience litigating in Massachusetts state and federal courts, I aggressively litigate your family law issue at the trial level and take it to the appellate level when necessary.

Handling appeals litigated by another attorney at the trial level

If you have already received a judgment and are not satisfied with it or your original attorney, I can take over your case and appeal the judgment on issues such as the following:

  • Paternity
  • Other unresolved issues or unfair orders

In an appeal, the trial record must be reviewed and analyzed to determine what issues may be argued. At the trial level, facts are litigated, but at the appellate level, only judicial or attorney error may be reviewed. It takes a different skill set – and a great deal of experience – to recognize what arguments are worthwhile on appeal. My volunteer work as a hearing judge at the Board of Overseers has afforded me insight in identifying trial errors that may be successfully appealed.

A “one-stop” shop – a skilled trial and appellate litigator

There is a strong advantage to choosing a family attorney who has both trial and appellate experience. If I litigate your case at the trial level, it will be much easier for me to appeal the trial court judgment and less expensive for you than if you had used an attorney with only trial court experience. When I litigate in family court, I present cases with the seasoned perspective of both a trial and appellate lawyer, knowing when to preserve issues during trial for a possible appeal.

Contact me for an experienced appellate lawyer

If your previous lawyer did not obtain the verdict that you were hoping for, call me at Legasey & Associates so we can reassess your legal position. You can reach me at 978-745-6600 or email me at Almost any family law issue can be appealed, so do not hesitate to contact me for a consultation on your family issue that has not been resolved to your satisfaction.

John Legasey is an AV rated attorney with more than 35 years of family law experience.